Vittone Seeks Second Term

(Bentleyville, PA.) District Attorney Gene Vittone has announced that he will seek a second term representing the residents of Washington County. Vittone says he will circulate petitions for the upcoming May, 2015 primary to seek the Republican nomination for the November general election. Vittone was first elected as District Attorney in 2011.

“It has been a tremendous privilege to serve all of the people of Washington County and not a day goes by that I am not humbled and honored to serve as District Attorney”, Vittone said in announcing his candidacy.

“When I ran for office four years ago, I promised meaningful programs to put a dent in the growing illegal and prescription drug abuse across our county. Over the past three years, we have collaborated with elected officials, school districts, and outside agencies to raise awareness and promote prevention of illegal and
prescription drug abuse problems,” Vittone has implemented programs that target low level drug offenders.

The process removes low level dealers from the streets and into treatment. It also prevents a case backlog in the court system. Vittone is also responsible for revamping and reenergizing the county’s Drug Task Force which he says has been an exceptional tool for his office over the past three years in curbing illicit drug activity  in the county.

“My team at the Drug Task Force has been instrumental in bringing charges in hundreds of serious cases across the county over the past three years and I am incredibly proud of their work.”

Over the past three years, Vittone has made the District Attorney’s office transparent and efficient. “In 2014, my office had a record 3,337 cases. Despite that increased volume, I have operated the office within budget and with maximum efficiency and I think that taxpayers of the county should be extremely pleased in knowing that.” Vittone says he has been a ‘hands on’ District Attorney, dividing his time between prosecution of cases at the trial and magisterial level and managing the office so that case management is cost efficient and productive. Vittone has also been active at the statewide level serving on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Task Force on Elder Abuse and as a Board Member-Director of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Institute.

“During my current term, our office has handled more than 12,000 criminal cases and over 2,000 juvenile cases. It is my hope that the voters will see that we are making tremendous progress and I hope they reward me with another four year term so that we can continue with the hard important work that lies ahead,” Vittone said.


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